Profile of the Institute


The South African Institute of Draughting is an independent, non-profit, membership based, professional body which was established in The Republic of South Africa in 1953 with the objective of improving the academic and technical qualifications of draughtspersons in all disciplines of technical drawing and design.

Its aims are to improve the status of its members within commerce, industry, national and local government services.

The Institute is not a trade union, is not involved in any salary negotiations and does not offer any courses or learnerships. It does, however, introduce its members to employers seeking the services of reputable draughtspersons and designers.

The Institute undertakes to promote the career of draughting and design as a specialised occupation that may rightfully claim the privilege of professional status. It also endeavours to ensure that the integrity of the profession is adhered to by its members with a strict Code of Conduct.

The Institute is recognised as a Voluntary Association by both the SA Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) and, the Engineering Council of SA (ECSA). This is an achievement which has not been attained by any other Institute in South Africa. Substantial benefits from this distinction will be passed on to members who are registered with either, or both, of these statutory bodies.

The Institute works in close liaison with technical, distance learning colleges and private training providers in order to promote the standard of technical education in South Africa.

As drawing standards are of paramount importance to the Institute, it has had representation on the SA Qualifications Authority's (SAQA's) Consultative Panels and the Standard Generating Bodies (SGB's) in the fields of Building Construction, Civil and Generic Manufacturing Engineering and Technology. The Institute is also represented on the Council of the SA Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP's) and on many of SACAP's committees.

In the extremely competitive employment market of today and with the implementation of and the strict adherence to the statutory Acts applicable to SACAP and ECSA, it is advisable for a draughtsperson / designer to be registered as a member of a recognised Institute. Several companies and government bodies consider membership of the Institute an essential requirement for the employment of draughtspersons / designers.

Members of the public frequently contact the Institute to confirm whether prospective draughtspersons / designers are registered members of the Institute, prior to contracting with them.

The "South African Institute of Draughting" is a registered Trade Mark and may not be utilised by anybody without written permission from the Institute.

The South African Institute of Draughting is verified as an EME, with a Level 4 BBBEE status (6N/27118/01/REV.1).

Application forms can be obtained from the Executive Officer at the above mentioned address, or, can be downloaded from the website.



Objectives of the Institute

  • To promote and maintain the science and professional practice of draughting
  • To increase and encourage the improvement of technical knowledge of draughtspersons
  • To promote the interaction between the Institute and other technical bodies
  • To obtain official recognition of draughtspersons by government bodies, local authorities, educational institutions, industry and the general community
  • To promote the interests of all members and all professions constituting the Council for the Built Environment
  • To oppose any Act, Bill, Ordinance or other proceedings which may directly or indirectly prejudice the interest of the Institute
  • To ensure that all members of the Institute adhere to a Code of Conduct